Innovative Analysis

GNG Star offers a complete range of state-of-the-art award winning data analysis tools, statistical models, and expert systems to help our clients make important business decisions.

Customized Data Processing

Your data processing needs are as unique as your company. At GNG STAR, we give you the individualized attention you deserve—along with a cost-effective, fully customized data processing solution.

You benefit from:

We ensure the highest degree of data hygiene. Our full-range of data processing services include de-duplication, merge/purge, scoring, and report generation.

Thanks to our flexible, individualized approach to each of our clients’ needs, we are able to perform a full range of data processing service quicker and more reliably than our competitors.

Our expertise translates into savings for your company.

Data Warehousing/Data Mining

Program Set-Up
· Program Strategy and Implementation Plan
· Data Warehouse Design, Development and Deployment

On-Going Processing
Multi-source data files uploaded (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
· Data hygiene (data correction, record standardization, merge/purge)

Data Mining
· Test Design
· Predictive Modeling
· Business Intelligence